Franchise Support

Franchise Support

Club Z! provides franchisees with comprehensive training, a proven operating system and unparalleled on-going support. Club Z! franchisees have access to our state-of-the-art Call Center, Advertising Department, Tutor and EC Recruitment and our National Ad Fund.

Club Z! Call Center

Never miss an opportunity

Our carefully selected, highly trained call center representatives are required to go though a rigorous training process prior to answering your phones.    Specific information pertaining to your area’s rates and services is used for each call. By utilizing our call center, franchisees never miss an opportunity to capture a new client and create time to focus on the growth and management of their business.

In-House Art Department

Custom design marketing material

Club Z! franchisees have access to our state-of-the-art Advertising Department. This department will custom design your local advertisements such as flyers, ads, business cards, road signs and much more. Our art department will make sure all artwork maintains the Club Z! branding.

Tutor and EC Recruiting

Our tutors are professionals in their fields

All Club Z! tutors must have at least a college degree and 1 year of relevant teaching or tutoring experience in their preferred subject(s) in order to be considered for hire with Club Z! After verifying educational credentials, Club Z! supervisory staff go through a careful vetting process to ensure that these tutors have verifiable and positive references and can successfully complete a thorough background check. All candidates also must complete mandatory training to ensure they are prepared to help each student succeed.

National Ad Fund

Get access to national advertising dollars

When you join the Club Z! system you get access to national advertising dollars to help grow your brand through the Club Z! National Advertising Fund! Club Z! franchisees contribute 2% of their monthly gross revenue into a National Advertising Fund. This Fund is designed for national and regional advertising and marketing campaigns to build the Club Z! brand and drive leads at the local, franchisee level. In the past 2 years alone, Club Z! has spent in excess of $1 million in marketing campaigns through the National Advertising Fund.

Sales Support Center

Free for 90 days

This service is FREE for your first 90 days! And our consultants have an           average closing rate of 72%, which translates to more clients for you!