Proprietary Curriculum

Club Z! has developed proprietary curriculum for the exclusive use of our franchise network. Programs have been developed in high demand subjects such as SAT and ACT test prep, comprehensive study skills, and early childhood education. These proprietary programs and others will make up a significant portion of your annual revenue. We offer customized programs to fit any budget or timeline. Individualized instruction from highly qualified instructors.


The Club Z! SAT Program Includes:

  • Options for one-on-one and small groups intensive instruction.
  • A review of what to expect on the test.
  • Customized practice questions to target student’s weaknesses.
  • Proven techniques on how and when to guess.
  • Strategies for successfully approaching each type of question.
  • Real SAT practice tests.




   The Club Z! ACT Program Includes:

      • Options for one-on-one and small groups intensive instruction.
      • A review of what to expect on the test.
      • Diagnostic testing to reveal student’s strengths and weaknesses.
      • Navigational tool for test preparation.
      • Comprehensive strategies for math, English, science and reading.
      • Real ACT practice tests.




Learning Built to Last™
Middle School and High School Study Skills Program Includes:

Book:                                                                                                            NEW_LBTL_MS_BOOK-1

  • Comprehensive diagnostic test & learning style inventory.
  • Over 320 pages of proven strategies & techniques.
  • Introduces and explains strategies for efficient, effective studying.
  • Filled with diagrams and illustrations.
  • Chapters directly correspond to the accompanying workbook exercises to review and apply the new strategies.


  • Over 320 pages.
  • Reviews key strategies from the book.
  • Makes connections to real world examples.
  • Applies the new techniques with hands on activities.
  • Includes articles of various topics and difficulty that students can use to practice their new study skills.


Planner-Cover-1Academic Planner:

        • Monthly calendar provides a complete time management system.
        • Helps students keep track of their study skills goals.




The Power of Words® Writing Improvement Programs Include:
Book and Homework Exercises Book:                                 LBTL--Level-1_BOOK_Power-of-Words-cover-front

        • Improve writing skills and confidence.
        • Gain better writing mechanics.
        • Enhance style and flow for your writing.
        • Learn how to write effective narratives, poems, essays & even research papers!
        • Prepare for SAT, ACT and college application essay writing too!
        • Designed for grades 5-12.
        • Excellent option for summer and other academic breaks.



ConnectWClassics.V1.TUT-newlogoJump Into Reading and Connect With The Classics
High School Summer Reading Programs Include:

2 Grade Levels 9/10 and 11/12
2 Program/tracks

      • Reluctant Reader/Advanced Reader.
      • 4 Books Jump Into Reading.
      • 4 Books Connect with the Classics.
      • Tutor versions for all books.
      • Vocabulary & Reading Fluency Flashcards.
      • Strategies for building Comprehension & Writing Skills.
      • Reading Study Techniques.
      • Cognitive/Language Development.
      • Grade Level Appropriate Book Selections.


Pre-K-Program-CoverLet the Learning Begin™

Pre – Kindergarten Readiness Program Includes:
4 sets of themed worksheets that:

        • Identify alphabet letters and sounds.
        • Teach proper pencil-holding & posture.
        • Eliminate problems with letter formation.
        • Correct letter reversals.
        • Improve legibility & word spacing.
        • Prepare for letter blending, which leads the way to basic reading.
        • Teacher Guide.
        • Parent Guide.
        • Readiness Checklist.

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