Club Z! Difference

Club Z! Is The Best Education Franchise To OwnClub Z! has been North America’s tutoring and test prep leader for nearly 20 years. From pre-K through pre-Med and everything in between. Club Z! has programs to fit every family’s needs and budget. Our highly qualified, screened, and background checked tutors are hand selected for your child based on a variety of compatibility measures. And our results speak for themselves! Most of our students see dramatic improvements in just a matter of weeks. So what makes Club Z! Is The Best Education Franchise To Own?
We believe it is “The Club Z! Difference.”

Z! Tutor Match & Z! Guarantee

Through our Z! guarantee program

Our proprietary Z! Tutor Match process ensures that we match the right tutor to your child every time! In fact, we’re so confident that you’ll love our tutors, we guarantee the match. Through our Z! Guarantee program, if you are unsatisfied with the tutor selected for your child, simply let us know and we’ll make a more suitable match ASAP. It’s that simple! How can we be this confident? Our Z! Tutor Match is made based on the following 4 criterias: Academic Strengths, Availability, Personality and Teaching Style.

No Long-Term Contracts

Each child’s learning capacity is unique

We believe that each child’s learning capacity is unique, and we regularly     monitor ongoing progress so we can adjust the learning program as the         student masters new skills and concepts.

Our Tutors

Through our proprietary Z! tutor match system

Our tutors are thoroughly screened and background checked prior to hiring. Through our proprietary “Z! Tutor Match” system, we go to great lengths to match them with students based on personality, learning preferences, and academic strengths and weaknesses. And with our “Z! Guarantee” you get the right tutor every time, guaranteed!

School-Based Curriculum

Programs that complement the schools curriculum

Our tutors work on the students curriculum to impact results where it matters most, in the classroom! In addition, our caring staff communicate with each student’s classroom teacher(s) to ensure that our program is complementing the school curriculum.

Our Programs

Provide results

Our programs provide results! Whether it’s our K-12 academic assistance    programs, our proven SAT/ ACT prep programs, or one of our other               proprietary curriculum programs like Learning Built to Last study skills and pre-K  readiness, our students see growth in a matter of weeks!

No Mandatory, Expensive Diagnostic Testing

Learning plans tailored to every clients needs

Club Z! will meet with the parent and student to review report cards, progress reports and teacher notes and create a customized learning plan tailored to every child’s specific academic needs.